Interim CFO

CFO for everyone

We offer the possibility to companies to have access to professional financial advisory services in an easy and simple way. Our interim CFO program tracks business, advises, controls accounts, improves business efficiency and helps in raising capital

We have a service with a fixed fee available to everyone and we participate in companies helping their growth and internationalization



We help Startups from the first steps, advising on the corporate structure and financial management. We advise and help in the phases of raising capital. We promote the scalability of companies. We encourage networking with other clients and synergistic companies. We manage the request for incentives and financial aid

  • 01 - Business structure
  • 02 - CFO
  • 03 - Advisory
  • 04 - Capital raising
  • 05 - Networking


Always available to contact us and answer any questions


We contact you anywhere through online conferences


New lines of business

We help you find new business lines, partners and customers that help boost your project. We advise on growth, scalability and internationalization


We support the processes of raising capital and financing to support business expansion