What we do

Our advice in M&A, for buyers and sellers, in tax equity of products such as R&D&i, cinema and live shows, both investors and producers, and solutions for asset acquisition and improvement of energy efficiency has allowed us to create synergies between different sectors. We have achieved a very specialized and comprehensive service that covers a large part of our clients' needs

Our experience allows us to combine our services by improving the performance of operations with respect to individualized services. Our goal is to achieve the best performance available to our customers

Impulse Technology Transfer Fund

The legal and fiscal framework of R&D allows projects to generate a tax deduction of up to 42% in Spain. In addition, there are more than 30 billion euros in subsidies from Europe

We make available to our investors a Technology Transfer Fund that offers high returns by investing in sectors such as Deep Tech, Medical Research, Climate Change, ...

  • 01 - Social & Cultural Impact
  • 02 - Employment creation
  • 03 - "Good" Marketing
  • 04 - High return
  • 05 - Equity covered with Tax Equity


We offer high-end vehicles for companies and individuals at unbeatable prices



Professional CFO affordable to all companies. Our team provides a comprehensive and personalized service


Film Market Fund

Films,Series and Documentaries

The largest European fund in the Audiovisual Sector. Great international projection and promotion of the sector

Music and Plays

We structure shows with the best artists in the sector. Promotion of music and performing arts